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About Maryam

Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and Career Coach based in Cape Town, South Africa

Ethical and professional obligation.

Maryam is a committed professional who works with individuals, groups and organizations with high integrity by adhering to ethical standards. She offers her clients a solution that is customised to their specific needs and offers flexibility and options. She is governed by the Health Professions Council of South Africa code of conduct in the category of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

About Maryam khan Waglay

Maryam – My Story

She has worked with individuals, groups and organizations in the following industries, Insurance, University of Cape Town, SME’s, Hospitality, WCED. Construction companies, Banking Sector , Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town.
Talent 4.0 does have an international footprint in Recruitment in China, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Maryam graduated from the University of Cape Town, with a Bachelor of Social Science (majoring in Organisational Psychology and Public Administration), a Bachelor of Arts Honours (specialising in Organisational Psychology) from UNISA, and a Master’s in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from UWC. She is a trained coach, certified Specialist Wellness Counsellor registered with the Association for supportive counsellors and holistic practitioner -Visit website here: and a Career Development Practitioner with SACDA. She is registered as an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist (HPCSA Registration number PS0149535).

Accreditations & Publication


Personality Assessment

  • The 15 Factor Questionnaire Plus
  • The Occupational Personality Profile
  • The Jung Type Indicator

Integrity Testing

  • Giotto assessments

Reasoning Abilities

  • The General Reasoning Test Battery(Verbal,numerical and abstract)
  • The Graduate Reasoning Test Battery
  • The Critical Reasoning Test Battery
  • The Clerical Test Battery
  • The Technical Test Battery

Emotional Intelligence

  • TEIQue assessments

Career Choices

  • Occupational Interest Profile
  • Values and Motives inventory
  • Counselling and Development-This 360 appraisal system


The Role of Emotional Intelligence And Autonomy In Transformational Leadership: A Leader Member Exchange Perspective

Maryam Waglay, Jurgen R. Becker, Marieta du Plessis

SA Journal of Industrial Psychology | Vol 46 | a1762 |